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AJ Wins $16,459.83 Cash Jungle Wild Jackpot

I apologize for not responding to your kind email earlier. How did I feel when I won the jackpot? Stunned and shocked, etc. Looked at it, immediately withdrew it, got up from my chair and went to the kitchen to get some cookies. Then I called you. I won again last night just as I was getting ready to go to bed. What have I been doing with the $? Well, I paid off some bills, paid for my brand new computer, put some in savings and am using the rest to do other little things. What will I do with the most recent winnings? Haven't gotten it yet so I really have no plans yet. Will probably pay off some more bills and save a good amount. How do I feel about El Dorado Palace Casino? I LOVE IT! Not just because I won a lot of money but because there is such a variety of games to play as well as a nice reward system...much like the casinos in my state have.


Jess F Wins $4,968.90 Money Matters Jackpot

HI cannot tell you enough how excited I was to win a progressive jackpot on the Money Matters Progressive Slot. I have enjoyed playing this game and I never thought that I would win a jackpot. I was shocked and wonderfully surprised when I saw it come up. Using El Dorado Palace has been a fun experience. The service representatives are very friendly and helpful. Thank you once again for a surprising and joyful experience.


John R Wins $21,043.19 Cash at BlackJack

Thank you, thank you, El Dorado Palace. I love playing BlackJack and have always wondered what it would be like to win. Well now I know, it was great, you have me made me a very happy man, thanks again.


Tom B Wins $139,679.31 Northen Lights Jackpot

The screen flashed with the big "you have won the Jackpot." I just lept up and yelled out "I have got it". I just looked and stared at the totals to make sure that it was right. I am always frightened that the screen will disappear and my PC crash or something crazy like that but it never happens. The grand total still said $139,679.31 as I cashed in.


Nani A Wins $192,225.83 Northen Lights Jackpot

I used to play several of the games, but now pretty much play only "progressives", and after having won three of them, I know that a "win" can certainly be a reality, even though I am sure there's a great deal of "competition" for these progressive jackpots.


Terry C Wins $11,162.48 Hello Winning Jackpot

I have been playing at el dorado palace for about 4 months and have found it to be the online casino where I have been the luckiest. El dorado palace has been around for years and I had always wondered what it would have been like to win the jackpot – Now I know!


Sandy D Wins $42,056.63 Money Matters Jackpot

I was so very surprised to hit such a big jackpot. I had only started playing at the site on Monday and had tried several of the games over a four day period. The payoff was super fast with no hastles. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the variety of games at this site... a nice mix of old standards as well as fun new slots with amusing features.


Maja W struck it big during August 2009 when she won a cool 352,139.29€ at El Dorado Palace playing Roulette Royale!

My unbelievable story!!!

A year ago I played some casinos for free but I had never bet money. For one whole year I hadn't played games on the Internet but that night I was home alone and I thought let's give it a try. That night I won more than 100 Euros after depositing 40 Euros for real play. I was lucky that night and in a short time I won more than 500€ at El Dorado Palace. I wanted to cash in but I thought let's play till I have 400€ and then cash out. I was watching televison and suddenly I noticed that I had won a huge amount on European Roulette . I couln't believe it. I didn't even notice the jackpot - I never thought I'd win in a million years. I looked at my computer 30 times and then I phoned the helpdesk to ask if I had really won this huge amount and they confirmed. I still couldn't believe it. I called my husband and told him that I had won lots of money and he also couldn''t believe it.

For a few days I couldn't sleep! How did this happen to me?! 2 weeks on and I still can't believe it.. but it definitely is real! I talked to the people at El Dorado Palace and everyone is so friendly and nice to me. It is so unbelievable and I had never played for real before. The most I have won in my whole life is 75€ at bingo whilst camping and then I was so very happy, so you can imagine how I feel now!! I have seen a lot in my life and it wasn't always easy so our friends are also so very happy for us.

All my dreams have come true. I replaced my scooter with my very own car and we will replace the family car too. Also we want to buy a garage for my husband's car and for all the stuff we are gonna buy :). I am interested in starting up our own (Internet) gift-store and in the future maybe a real store. Maybe I'll go study again. Next year we are going on a vacation and maybe also skiing. These have been my sons' dreams for the past few years. The last 10 years we only flew once because we couldn't afford it.

We can give our 3 sons a better life in the future and we will travel a lot too. It is so much money that I still don't know what to do with it but we won't spend it all now, so we can also have a good life for about 10 years.

Thank you so much El Dorado Palace. You are so wonderful and also so very friendly. I want to say to anyone who will give it a try.. do it.. it could also happen to you!

Lovely greetings,

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